Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sisters, Sisters...

Metro Beat
Vol. 2, Issue 4

A New Sibling in Christ

 "I accepted Christ two weeks ago!"

I'm sure my face must have been glowing when I was told that. Her face was smiling and bright, as well. She followed up her announcement to me by saying she was looking forward to her baptism. "Susie," as I'll call her for sake of anonymity, is from a restricted-access country and is one of the individuals I have been working with off and on for the past year. She started to attend a local church a few months ago, and after several exposures to the Gospel and the lives of Christian friends she discovered that she needed Jesus in her life.

I feel so privileged to play a role in the lives of these young people coming to Christ, and it is truly humbling and awe-inspiring to see how God uses not only me but so many other people and experiences to bring these individuals to Himself. Your prayers and support are a huge part of the overall pattern that God weaves together to call these foreign visitors to the Oklahoma City metro area into His kingdom. So please celebrate with me the joy of our having a new sister in Christ.

And Yet Another Sister (and Brother)

 One of my other students that you have been praying for recently came to Christ, as well. "Julie" made her decision in August and was baptized along with her husband (also a new believer) last month. The church she attends is loving and warm and has been crucial in bringing both her and her husband to Christ. To say that this couple brings new joy to my life would be an understatement. In our Bible studies they are like sponges, absorbing the Word with an eagerness and enthusiasm I have rarely witnessed. Julie, especially, seems to hang on every word. Please pray that her love for God and His Word will continue to grow and that He will use both her and her husband mightily in the future.

More Family Coming?

The Lord continues to touch the hearts of the people we are working with. Two other girls from Asian countries are asking good questions and showing interest in the Gospel. One asked me to give her a name from the Bible the other day to use among English speakers, which prompted Julie to ask me for one, too. Names have special significance in Asian cultures, so please pray that I will have God's wisdom in choosing which names to give when I am asked.

And Even More Opportunities

The work with Haitians may be expanding for us. I recently met a refugee woman from there who is interested in learning English. Her employer, also a Haitian, is willing to give her time off to study. Please pray for wisdom to know when and where to meet. Also, please pray for the Haitian couple we have been meeting with occasionally for a Bible study. Due to their work schedules and how far away they live, getting together is very difficult. Please pray for the Lord to clear the way for us to have more frequent times together, or provide someone who lives closer to work with them.

Other Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for my parents' health. Dad has good days and bad days, but is in pain for most of them. Please pray for some relief from the pain and for his spirits to be lifted.

Pray for my progress in Chinese. I'm doing well, I believe, and my general comprehension of the spoken language is growing. Still, I am miles away from being where I want to be.

Continue to pray for Joyce and her roles in managing both households while I'm out and about. I couldn't do what I do without her, but her load is heavier than either of us would like.

Our support is still very low, but God recently added a new church, Christ's Church of Yukon, to our support team. Please keep praying for more support to come in. We value you so much as our partners in this ministry.

Yours By His Grace,

John for the Rest of the Ropers

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