Monday, July 5, 2010

A Reason to Celebrate

Metro Beat
Vol. 2, Issue 3

New Freedom

 America celebrates its independence this month, but recently we had the opportunity to witness a freedom of a different kind in the Chinese Fellowship group. Francis, a Taiwanese man who was attending the Fellowship's Friday night sessions for the last few months, came to know Christ as his savior a few weeks ago. He was always very quiet during the meetings, and I often wondered how much of the teaching and discussion he was taking in. However, when a personal crisis came in his life, he decided to accept this Jesus that his Christian friends had been talking about as his Lord. One of our members was instrumental in counseling him through both the crisis and his early days of decision, but Francis has now returned to his home country. Please pray for Christian friends, a solid church family, and good follow-up in the Taiwanese city he is now living in.

Moving On Up...

The strategy of teaching English to people from other cultures as a tool to reach and disciple them for Christ may seem strange to some of you. Let me show you how it works. Recently, three young ladies from mainland China began coming to my English class. The class is extremely non-threatening and secular in instruction, but I don't hesitate to discuss aspects of my faith in context. After they were comfortable in the class, the young women also became comfortable with the idea of attending a second class with me where I teach English using the Bible as our text. After that class they stayed on to attend the Chinese Fellowship. As of this writing, all three ladies are now attending the Chinese Fellowship on a weekly basis, have received copies of the Jesus film, are often seen taking copious notes from Chinese/English Bibles, have started attending an international church, and are being shown love by members of the Fellowship. Will you pray that this intense exposure to the Gospel and God's love through his people will see them come to Christ soon?

New Opportunities

The Lord has recently opened up two new opportunities here in Yukon, Oklahoma City's western suburb. Joyce and I started a weekly Bible study this last Saturday with a couple from Haiti. The following Thursday morning I launched a new English class with a woman from Japan and a man from mainland China. Please pray for both of these new ministries.

Words of Encouragement

I wanted to share with you part of an e-mail I received from one of my students exactly as she wrote it:

"You are a really charming teacher who can explain the Holy bible vivid and minded. My husband and I impressed the sacrifice sprite of you. We are appreciate you to share those beautiful stories with us and lead us to understand the deeper meaning of the Bible."

No, her English isn't perfect yet, but her sentiments are heartfelt. I wanted you to read this because your partnership in this ministry is what helps make such reactions possible. Your prayers and support are truly helping to change lives here in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Other Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for my parents' health and for our role as caregivers.

Pray for one of my Japanese students who was in a car wreck. She wasn't hurt, but the people who ran into her sustained some minor injuries. The accident was her fault, so she is pretty shook up over it.

Pray for Joyce as she has such a heavy responsibility managing both households while I'm teaching. Next fall looks to be very busy with my new class schedule, so even more stress is coming her way.

Our support is still terribly low, but our God is good to us. Please keep praying.

Yours By His Grace,

John for the Rest of the Ropers

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