Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Open Door


The Open Door

Rarely in ministry do we see a door open quite like this one. Several weeks ago we had three new exchange students from China visit our church. As is our practice, we asked our visitors to stand up during the announcement time before the service and give us their names so we could welcome them. Although we never ask why the person has visited us at this point, one of the girls decided to tell us anyway with this simple but powerful statement: “I’ve come here to find a faith to live by.” After I finished picking my jaw off the floor I began explaining to her and the rest of the congregation from the pulpit just what our faith is all about. I’m happy to report that after a few weeks of careful investigation Jade made the decision to follow Christ and is now growing in him. Please pray for her faith and love for Jesus to increase.

Fruit from the Woods

Last month our church celebrated the Labor Day weekend at a retreat center nestled in a beautiful canyon. While we ate, played, and worshipped together as an entire church, our Chinese and English congregations separated for the teaching sessions into their respective language groups. Several people rededicated their lives to Christ, and we also saw many new believers added to the Kingdom. Please pray for good growth and follow-up for those who made decisions. To see some pictures from the retreat and learn more about what we’re up to on a more frequent basis please go to our new Facebook ministry page at

Other Prayer Requests

We have recently received some substantial gifts toward our 2012 Support Deficit. Although we are still not where we need to be financially, these contributions have greatly encouraged us. Please praise the Lord with us for the gifts and these faithful givers. 

Our daughter Katie and family will soon be moving back to Arizona after having lived with us for the past few years. Our son-in-law Brad has already moved there for his new job, they are in escrow on a house, and are hoping to be reunited soon. Obviously we will miss all four of them, but we are excited about this new stage in their lives. Please pray for a smooth transition.

Yours by His Grace,
John for the rest of the Ropers

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